PILLOWBOOK - Joost Vandebrug
20.01 — 16.03.2024

PILLOW BOOK by Joost Vandebrug


"Revisiting the past they discovered a diffrent truth; unmasking the memory's elaborate facade. The heartache they felt was real, yet the facts had been rearranged by tume, weaving a new realm from the strands of their longing and imagination."


Pillow Book' is an exploration into the connections between past and present experiences. Much like the Japanese concept of a 'pillow book,' where personal reflections are curated into a single artistic space, Vandebrug's work captures the essence of moments reshaped by time and the impact of our memories on new realities they form.


Each composition consists of over 100 mono-types on handmade paper cards wich serves as a testament to Vandebrug's dedication to pushing the boundries of traditional photography and concurrently mirrors the transient nature of memory. The compositions reveal the intricate dance between the authentic and the distorted and are an amalgation of intimate leaf close-ups and expansive landscapes. They stand as an eloquent metaphor for the multifaceted nature of recollection and memory - how it can be both faithful and altered.