DEUSS GALLERY has been exploring the realms of contemporary photography since 2011, curating a wide range of artists that are united by their old-school mindset and inspirational stories. This contemporary art gallery is naturally driven by spontaneous encounters – human collisions that so often set epic narratives in motion.

Drawing inspiration from her own endeavours in music, art, design and fashion, Ingrid Deuss brings together a carefully curated selection of photographers, all invariably characterised by their extraordinary artistic sensitivity and personal expressiveness. Every photography show she curates starts with a handpicked selection from an artist's collection. This is truly love at first sight, for emotion is at the core of the DEUSS GALLERY.

Photographers with an old-school mindset are the very essence of the DEUSS GALLERY. That, in any event, is the case when it comes to the technical aspects, for continuously exploring new creative roots in respect of vision and imaging is equally vital. That allows the DEUSS GALLERY to display unique pieces in every exhibition, so that photography can be granted its rightful and inimitable status as art. To acquire one of our photographs is exactly the same as buying an exclusive painting.

Adress : Provinciestraat 11, 2018 Antwerp

Opening hours :
Thursday - Saturday 2-6pm
or by appointement
+32 475 56 22 83

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