Since its establishment in 2011, DEUSS Gallery has been devoted to exploring contemporary photography. The gallery meticulously curates a diverse array of photographers who share compelling narratives and an appreciation for traditional craftsmanship. Spontaneous encounters often serve as the catalyst for the creation of captivating narratives. 

Drawing from her extensive background in music, art, design, advertising, and fashion, Ingrid Deuss brings together a carefully selected group of photographers. Each artist is distinguished by their exceptional artistic sensitivity and personal expressiveness. Every exhibition commences with a handpicked selection from an artist's collection, chosen for its profound emotional resonance—a cornerstone of DEUSS Gallery's philosophy.

The photographers showcased at DEUSS GALLERY not only uphold an old-school mindset but also demonstrate a commitment to continually exploring new creative frontiers. This dedication allows DEUSS GALLERY to present unique pieces in every exhibition, offering photography the recognition it rightfully deserves as a distinctive art form. 

Acquiring a photograph from DEUSS Gallery is akin to obtaining an exclusive painting, bearing testament to the gallery's commitment to elevating photography's status. With each acquisition from DEUSS Gallery, patrons become part of a continuum, where the presence of photography in the classic art world is not just acknowledged, but celebrated. Ingrid Deuss's transformative curation process adds a layer of significance to each photograph, imparting them with a timeless quality that transcends mere images. They stand as enduring testaments to the profound intersection of photography and classic art.

Adress : Provinciestraat 11, 2018 Antwerp

Opening hours :
Thursday - Saturday 2-6pm
or by appointement

Gallery is closed on Thursday , may 10th, 2024
+32 475 56 22 83

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