25.08 — 23.09.2023

Deuss Gallery, renowned for its unyielding commitment to the pioneering spirit of photography in the Belgian art scene, is elated to unveil its upcoming exhibition, COLLECTIVE+. This captivating group exhibition runs from August 25th to September 23rd, 2023, and proudly features the profound works of five bright young talents—recently graduated and driven by an untamed passion for artistry.


Opening Exhibition

August 25, 7-10pm


SIEME HERMANS: Delving into a broader project's lesser-known segments, Sieme seeks to breathe new life into images longing for depth and narrative. Teaming up with Ingrid Deuss offers him a transformative step into the intricate realm of gallery exhibitions, beyond the familiar walls of academia. This collaboration illuminates a path packed with fresh learning experiences and an invaluable introduction to the commercial nuances of art.


INUA SCHROËN: Inua's evocative series captures a deeply personal journey of grief, transforming the somber narrative of a father's passing into a radiant art form. Inua recognizes Deuss Gallery as a sanctuary where art speaks volumes, making it the perfect canvas to communicate the words that escape speech.


EMILE PISON-DIEPVENS: Emile’s chosen pieces harmoniously bridge the digital realm with photographic reality, resonating with tales of his vivid emotions and dreams. Teaming up with Ingrid signifies not just a prestigious display platform, but an endorsement of innovative art avenues, such as A.I. art, carving a unique niche in the art panorama.


JAIR MARC CASTILLO: Jair's work is a contemplative exploration of communication, form, and the absence of clarity. The essence of his artistry seeks to foster dialogue, embodying the very essence of the "Collective". Collaborating with Ingrid and the gallery amplifies his reach, opening dialogues with diverse audiences and strengthening community ties.


ANA CAUS: Ana’s journey of creative evolution with Ingrid has yielded a series that’s refreshingly distinct from her expansive graduation showcase. The curated pieces narrate a tale differently, reflecting calm, beauty, and an intriguing perspective. To Ana, the gallery represents a realm of infinite inspiration, and exhibiting alongside esteemed contemporaries is a dream realized and a testament to her artistic prowess.



Ingrid Deuss was not merely the curator of this exhibition, she played an instrumental role during their project weeks or as the promotor of their graduation projects. Having welcomed some of these artists as interns within the gallery, Ingrid deeply embedded her trust and belief in their raw potential and unique vision. Recognizing the genius within their initial endeavours, she deemed their work not only deserving of a showcase but worthy of the grandeur that is COLLECTIVE+.


The "Collective+" exhibition epitomizes the fusion of youthful exuberance and seasoned guidance. It is an embodiment of Ingrid Deuss's faith in nurturing emerging talents, providing them a platform where their voices resonate powerfully. These artists, once interns and protégés, now stand tall as the torchbearers of contemporary photography.


Join us in celebrating the nexus of youthful exuberance and seasoned mentorship at the Deuss Gallery. Embark on a journey of diverse stories, artistic innovation, and boundless passion. Here's to the future of Photography in art, illuminated by the brilliance of its promising stars.