Art Antwerp - Gert Motmans - Joost Vandebrug - Casper Sejersen
14.12 — 17.12.2023

At Art Antwerp's 3rd edition, we proudly present the works of three exceptional artists: Casper Sejeresen, Joos Vandebrug, and Gert Motmans.


Casper Sejersen, a celebrated Danish photographer and director renowned for his remarkable contributions to the world of fashion, including collaborations with illustrious names like Dries Van Noten. He will unveil three meticulously curated pieces from his inaugural solo exhibition, 'ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR,' hosted at Cob Gallery, London in 2019. Seamlessly blending the worlds of fashion and profound exploration of human vulnerability and psychological sensuality, Sejersen embodies the essence of our gallery's DNA.


Joost Vandebrug, the master of introspection and delicate techniques returns to our embrace after captivating international audiences at Kant Galleri Copenhagen and preparing for his upcoming participation in a group exhibition at Bildhalle in Zürich. Here, he offers a glimpse into his latest series, 'Pillow Book,' an exploration of the intricate interplay between past and present experiences.


For those eager to delve deeper into Joost's interpretation of the multifaceted nature of recollection and memory, we invite you to join us on January 20th 2024 at DEUSS GALLERY for his solo exhibition ‘PILLOW BOOK’.


Gert Motmans, renowned for his soothing artisanal photocollages, is poised to unveil photography in its purest form for the very first time, complemented by a selection of cherished collages from his archives. An intriguing blend of past endeavors and current explorations. 


This promises to leave us yearning for more, all while Gert is also diligently crafting his first book—a remarkable debut we will proudly present at his solo exhibition on March 23th at DEUSS GALLERY.